Our Promise To You

We are driven to implement your vision of what buying or selling a house means to you. We make these promises to you

Promise 01

Reef Realty promises you the MOST ACCURATE information.

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Benefits :

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Promise 02

We offer a partial return policy. If you didn’t like the final buying or purchase price we negotiate, we will refund 25% of our commissions. And we put this into writing for every client. We only ask that you decide after we have completed our journey together.

YOU decide if we earned our 3% fee or not. We’re confident that you will feel we did, but if that is not the case you will be provided an addendum (pre-signed by us at the beginning of the listing) reducing our commission to whatever commission amount you feel is reasonable. All you have to do at that point is sign it and give it to escrow and we are bound by that document to take the lower commission amount.

Lots of brokerages make big claims these days but none of them guarantee it. We do!

The Bottom Line?

Our clients like the Reef Realty.com overall experience and we keep our brand promises.