Congratulations on making a tough decision to sell your home. It’s not always an easy one. The process upon which you are about to embark is a very involved one.

What to expect

Try not to get overwhelmed but before your homes goes on the market for sale, you are going to need to determine ALL the following.

Here are some tools to help you through the various stages of the process;

Yep, seems like a lot you have to know, right?  If you’re not an expert in ALL these areas, give us a call and let us guide you through the process.  

Choosing A Listing Agent

You have so many options when it comes to choosing a real estate broker to represent you in the sale or purchase of your home. What it boils down to is picking someone that you can trust. And when you think about it, TRUST is made up of two critical elements — competence and character. Find an experienced broker of high character and unsurpassed levels of competence and you’ve found the right guy!

Competence: Ask yourself a few questions about any broker you are considering…

Does your broker have two+ decades and hundreds of transactions of experience under his belt?

We do. A veteran broker said to me early on in my career, “You don’t even know what you don’t know”. It turned out to be true. The message was that until you have a couple decades of experience behind you, you just haven’t run into enough of the inevitable issues that always crop up in a transaction to know how to avoid and/or handle them to your client’s best interests. There are many ways that experience will translate into savings for you, the client.

Does your broker have an appraisal background and intimately understand the valuation and economics of real property?

Having a strong, practical education in the economics and valuation of real estate is knowledge that comes into play during every transaction. Being able to make a strong, defendable argument on your behalf is a critical part of the negotiations. This is one way we save you money (in some cases well in excess of any commission the broker will earn) during your transaction.

Does your broker have a construction background? Has he ever built anything? Does he know how to look out for you when it comes to the physical aspects of a home you are considering?

There is so much to learn and know about construction when choosing the right home. Having someone on your side that has in-depth experience and understanding of construction helps you avoid dozens of potential pitfalls and can save you tens of thousands. We have that experience. We have purchased, built, renovated, subdivided, developed hundreds of properties for our own account over a span of several decades.

Character: Odds are poor that you meet an agent that admits to you they are of poor character. So instead of us praising ourselves, see what other people are saying about us and about us and about our character.

Here are some TESTIMONIALS you might want to read about us. You will find them far from typical.

Your Home Value

The wrong way… We can give you a value for your home based on an AVM (Automated Valuation Model) just like most of the websites on the internet do these days. This method uses algorithms to look at all the public data available like size, general location, year built, bedroom and bathroom count, pools and compares your property to recent comparable sales in the area that match that same criteria. Sometimes this method is accurate but frequently its not. Here’s why… those algorithms don’t take some very critical information in to consideration like; condition, views, upgrades, topography, floor plan, outdoor decks, landscape and functionality. We think you might agree that these are some pretty critical elements of your house that should be considered. So if you don’t mind about a 30% margin of error, this method might be ok for you.

If you do want quick value opinion, this tool, unlike all the others takes your input into consideration and allows you to “tune” your home’s value based on your purchase date, purchase price and the changes in the market since that time. This the best automated valuation tool we’ve seen yet. Or better still…

The right way… Valuation is not an exact science. That’s why an algorithm programmed into a computer rarely does a good job… and frequently does a horrible job. Hard to believe but taking the human element out of every task in this world isn’t always best thing to do. We use a bulletproof, 4-step process to formulate our value opinions on your home. And we confidently defend that value opinion when it comes time to negotiate the sale of your property. Our value opinion is determined by considering four different approaches and coming to a confident value after assessing them all. Those approaches include;

  • The AVM value described above
  • The Case-Shiller Index value (we determine your value based on the S&P leading housing index data)
  • A desk top appraisal
  • A field appraisal.

Of course this method takes much knowledge, experience and time to complete… around 6 hours instead of 6 seconds. We are happy to provide this service free of charge to our clients.

CLICK HERE to determine the most accurate value possible. Our 20 years of experience will take into account all of the right factors that must be considered to come up with an accurate AVM.

We have yet to find another real estate brokerage that knows how to or does this work for their clients!


Next Step

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