Kevin Dougherty

Launching his career in the real estate industry almost 25 years ago, Kevin strategically started out on the commercial appraisal side of the industry to specifically attain a strong education in the valuation and economics of real estate. The knowledge and experience he gained at that time has proven to be an invaluable negotiating tool for his clients when it comes time to buy or sell a property. When you get a value opinion from Kevin, you know there is years of experience behind the formation of that opinion and that it can and will be vigorously defended.

Kevin built his first home at age 28 and has constructed more than 300 others since then. He has subdivided land, built custom homes, condo converted buildings, entitled new developments, bought and sold portfolios of notes, and renovated scores of residential properties. Kevin has also completed all course work and experience requirements for his general contractor’s license. His construction knowledge and experience is well beyond the vast majority of his counterparts. Tapping in to this experience and educating his clients happens during every transaction. This part of his background has proven highly beneficial to his clients in understanding the physical elements and potential pitfalls of any property.

And of course from a transactional standpoint, Kevin has successfully represented his clients in hundreds of transactions accounting for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales volume over the last 20+ years. Kevin also currently holds and maintains the CNE Designation (Certified Negotiations Expert) which always helps his clients financially benefit.

Between appraisal, economics, construction and transactional work, you may be very hard-pressed in finding a more experienced, knowledgeable agent with the customer service and negotiating skills that Kevin feels all clients deserve. This level of competence is hard to find.

Please view the testimonials page to read about the experiences Kevin’s past clients have had. You will find them insightful and unique and convey valuable detail in to his character. Kevin understands that only through his high levels of competence and character will he win your trust and strives every day to maintain that hard-earned reputation.