What Our Clients Say About Us

To date I've used Kevin's services for 3 real estate transactions and couldn't be more grateful for what he's done for my family and I believe he truly works in the best interests of the client always. I recall when looking for our first home, being enamored with a very nice house on an extremely busy street. He believed so firmly that we would regret the location he said we might need to find a different agent to show us the house. Of course soon afterwards he helped us land a house on the perfect block and in the same neighborhood we wanted. We loved the location and the community of neighbors and in hindsight would have hated the location he advised us against.

His skill in identifying a good fit, good value and projecting a clients needs that they aren't yet aware of are invaluable. It's not always immediately obvious but he ends up being spot on with almost almost all of his projections.

He's been at this for decades, there's almost nothing he hasn't seen, so he can essentially project the behaviors of sellers and buyers as if he's inside their heads. He knows where to probe when viewing properties (think boundaries, easements, structural repairs, associated costs) to protect your interests, and he has the perspective both from his experience as an agent but also his development background to perfectly advise you on what 'little stuff' shouldn't get in the way of the big picture. His skill in this regard is incredibly valuable – especially when there’s big money on the line. Sometimes every small thing feels like a huge deal. He lets you know when it is and when it isn’t.

Kevin is highly competent, analytic, down to earth, and a good communicator. He is patient with the inevitable client neurosis and he gets the job done right.

He encouraged us to pursue a complicated short sale with significant associated legal costs for our first house because he knows the markets and that this particular property was still a good value. He navigated us through the process without our incurring any additional fees despite his significant additional effort. Less than a decade later (as he projected) we sold the house when our family grew out of it for a roughly 60% return. This massive return was a direct product of Kevin's encouragement to pursue the short sale followed by him expertly marketing the home for sale and getting us well over list price on its sale, which at the time was not the norm. This substantial return ultimately allowed us to pursue and purchase a larger house with a huge lot.

During negotiations on our new house, he told us when to counter and under what terms. And he told us when to stand our ground. We got the new house with Kevin's expert guidance that would otherwise been well beyond our means.

If we ever had to buy or sell again, I wouldn't hesitate to enlist his services for a 4th time and beyond. You cant put a price on someone who is experienced beyond belief, unquestionably loyal to your interests as clients, understands the market and has a keen eye for evaluating property fit, value and design potential.

Chris W