What Our Clients Say About Us

Well, I almost made what would have been a critical error in judgement. I almost hired my friend’s wife to represent me in my recent real estate transaction because she is really nice, has a real estate license and mostly because she offered to rebate part of her commission back to me. After working with Kevin and seeing how much his knowledge and experienced benefitted me in the end, I see now that decision would have been a huge mistake. Kevin’s knowledge, advice and negotiating skills saved me multiples of the few thousand I would have been rebated from the other agent. His construction experience proved to be invaluable when addressing any physical conditions during the inspection. And his extensive experience in executing a real estate transaction help to point out and avoid all the potential pit falls I might have stumbled in to. Kevin negotiated for every penny he could on my behalf and I was pleasantly surprised to see how he took my transaction so very personally. He paid great attention to the detail needed which gave me great comfort and confidence in working with him and knowing the job was getting done right. I didn’t really know how involved a good real estate needs to be and how crucial their experience is. Now I know and in hindsight, I could have never bought my home without him. I can and do confidently recommend using Kevin’s representation if the opportunity ever arises.

Matt Gillott