What Our Clients Say About Us

We dropped about the most complex real estate transaction on Kevin that any of us have ever seen. There was a foreclosure, an eviction, an unlawful detainer action, and a quiet title action all on this one property at one point or another during the transaction. Kevin took everything in stride overcoming all obstacles and even kept the bank from taking the property back on numerous occasions. His advice, experience and his contacts lead us down the right path. We recouped our original investment plus a lot more making it all worthwhile in the end. I know a lot of real estate guys but I don’t know another that would have persevered and ultimately succeeded in achieving our goals like Kevin did on this property. In the end, after the chaos subsided, Kevin presented us with multiple offers and a fast, all-cash close on a very complicated transaction… all in the middle of Covid. You would be hard pressed to find better representation.

Dema Zlotin