What Our Clients Say About Us

When the time came to sell my condominium, I knew I was going to call Kevin over at Reef Realty. He helped me purchase my first home in San Diego over thirteen years ago and it was great experience back then. This time around I... more

~ Jeanne D

Kevin took what is an overwhelming process, and made it as seamless as possible for me! I had no idea how involved a real estate transaction could be. Thank goodness for Kevin’s guidance and expertise. I have to admit, I was really nervous and even... more

You hear realtors boast of their levels of experience all the time. Often it’s just rhetoric - but not in Kevin’s case. I didn’t know his 25+ years of experience in real estate was going to be so obviously helpful but it was. Especially in... more

~ Chad Amon
Director of Product Design, Informatica

To date I've used Kevin's services for 3 real estate transactions and couldn't be more grateful for what he's done for my family and I believe he truly works in the best interests of the client always. I recall when looking for our first home,... more

~ Chris W

Bottom line - Kevin landed us our dream home! And he did it smack dab in the middle of a brutal seller’s market. Frankly, I can’t believe he pulled it off. Homes were flying off the market and even ours had multiple offers on it.... more

~ Peter Holmes & Mandy Stephens
COO, Barefoot Solutions Software

Kevin is an amazing real estate agent and a really good guy. We originally met at the dog park and liked him as a person before we ever considered him as our agent. We were buying our first home and didn’t really know where to... more

~ Johnny & Jesse McMillan
Director, SDSU Research Foundation

We were about to list our house with Kevin right when the pandemic hit. With limited expectations we decided to move forward anyway. We all thought the rapid turmoil in the world was going to detrimentally affect our ultimate sales price. I’m an engineering. It’s... more

~ Travis & Nora Low
Director, Commercial Platform Operations

I unexpectedly ended up in a complex real estate transaction that involved the passing of a loved one resulting in another family member inheriting a property and me acting as the guardian for that family member. So I didn’t actually own the property but found... more

~ Jane Wiese
Insurance Sales, State Farm

We dropped about the most complex real estate transaction on Kevin that any of us have ever seen. There was a foreclosure, an eviction, an unlawful detainer action, and a quiet title action all on this one property at one point or another during the... more

Once again we went back to Kevin to help us execute our 4th real estate transaction with him. And once again he did not disappoint. Our deep understanding of Kevin’s work experience and expertise made coming back to Kevin an easy decision. His upbeat personality... more

~ John Adam, PhD
Head of Research, Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Well, I almost made what would have been a critical error in judgement. I almost hired my friend’s wife to represent me in my recent real estate transaction because she is really nice, has a real estate license and mostly because she offered to rebate... more

~ Matt Gillott
Vascular Territory Manager, Penumbra, Inc.

Kevin recently assisted me in purchasing my home in San Elijo Hills. After briefly working with another realtor, I contacted Kevin requesting information on the property. Within 2 hours Kevin had discovered more information that the previous realtor had in weeks. Kevin used his expertise... more

~ Jennifer DeGier
Airline Pilot, Federal Express

Kevin is an incredibly talented and professional investor. With lightning speed he brings in his highly skilled and proficient sub-contractors and within hours, there are answers and solutions, to otherwise challenging issues. Kevin treats the clients with the utmost care and respect, which is an... more

~ Debbie Keller
Interior Designer

I've represented Kevin Dougherty on three closings so far, and Kevin has impressed me with his quick decisions and tenacity. He'll also look for creative solutions to get the deal closed. And Kevin has a good support team to help overcome the many hurdles in... more

~ Sean Hillier
Broker/Owner, Realty Partners Services

Besides being a good friend, Kevin also did a fantastic job for me in selling my home. He undertook the role right as the market began the downturn. He stuck with it and, through his diligence alone, got the property moved under very difficult circumstances.... more

~ Bob Bright
Attorney, Law Office of Bob Bright

If you want a broker that is dedicated, on top of everything, follows through, and takes care of you in more ways than you realized were even needed, Kevin is your guy. He performance during my short sale was outstanding and impressive. He truly cares... more